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Absurd "Der 15jährige Krieg"
Angizia "Die Kemenaten…/Das Tagebuch der…" 2CD Digi
Ambros, Wolfgang "Stille Glut"
Asphyx "Asphyx"
Auberon the tale of black…"
Azahels Fortress "Tod der Christensau"
Azahels Fortress "Plagued Screams From The Deserted Dark Turret
Azahels Fortress "Gmetzel auf der Feste Azahles"
Azahels Fortress "…und im Wind weht Hexenblut"
Azahels Fortress "Secrets of the Forest"
Baltak "Macedonian Darkness and Evil
Barzak "From the Devil to Sin"
Body Count "same"
Cannibal Corpse "Butchered at Birth"
Cannibal Corpse "Tomb of the Mutilated"
Cannibal Corpse "Vile"
Cannibal Corpse "The Bleeding"
Cannibal Corpse "Eaten back to Life"
Children of a Lesser God "Migrations"
Celeste "Misanthrope(s)" digi
Cerebrocide "Delusion"
Cephalic "The Inquest"
Dark Runner "Awaken All Myths" Industrial
Destiny (aut) "Made with Pride"
Destruction "Mad Butcher/ Sentence of Death" PicCD
Die Entweihung "The Hallucinations"
Dimmu Borgir "Godless Savage Garden" digi
Dracena "Infernal Damnation"
Exsecratum "aditus"
Fistula "Idiopathic"
Fistula "We, the Beast"
Fistula "Lessons in Lamentation"
Fistula "Inverted Black Star"
Fleshripper/Obliteration "Split"
Gorgon "The Lady rides A Black Horse" first press
Harmony Dies "I´ll be your Master"
Heretoir "Existenz"
Heroes del Silencio "El Espiritu del Vino"
Hog Mountain/ Möse "Split"
Höllenpoetik "1st album"
Infantry "Sambo: First Blood"
Kargvint "Seelenwerks Fortgang" NEU
Kreator "Pleasure to Kill/ Flöag of Hate"
Lenny Kravitz "Let Love Rule"
Manilla Road "Voyager"
Marduk "Panzer Division Marduk"
Metallica "Bay Area Thrashers" (demo)
Mortician "Chainsaw Dismemberment"
Nattvind "Subuniverses"
Nebular Moon "Mourning" 1st press
Nocte Obducta "Aschefrühling"
Noisex "over and out"
Obituary "Back from the Dead"
Onanizer "r.o.p."
Onanizer "too good to be true"
Orange Goblin Healing Through Fire" incl. DVD
Outrage "and deeper"
Paradise Lost "Draconian Times" 2CD A5 Box
Paradise Lost "Icon"
Paradise Lost "As I Die"
Paradise Lost "Seals the Sense"
Panzerkult "Forging our Hate" A5
Penitent "As Life Fades Away"
Pesthauch "Sacrifice at Dawn"
Plasma Pool "Drowning"
Plenty Suffering "Kill Crush Burn"
Profanatica "Live"
Profanatica "Collection"
Profanum "Musaeum Esotericum"
REM "Monster"
ROK "Burning Metal"
Sacralis "bortas"
Sanguis et Cinis "Unfreiwillig Abstrakt" Digi
Sanguis et Cinis "Wie der unbefleckte Traum.." Digi
Sanguis et Cinis "Schicksal" Digi
Satans Elite Kommando "Mehr Nägel für das Schwein" CDr
Shining "Angst" Avantgarde Music
Skolcron "A New Demon race, in Ewigkeit" CDr
Skyforger "Latvian Riflemen"
Suicidal Winds "Crush us with Fire"
Spearhead "Deathless Stell Command" incl. Logo-sticker
Szron/ Kriegsmaschine "Split"
Tearstained "Monumental in ist Sorrow" original Mordgrimm
Tearstained "There is no Hope"
The Meads of Asphodel "The Early Years"
The Path is Clear "demo 2010"
Thy Infernal "Warlords of Hell"
Trifixion "The First an the Last Commandment"
Torturium "Misanthropic Angels Burning Winds
Ugly Kid Joe "America´s Least Wanted"
Ugly Kid Joe "Menance to Sobriety"
Ultravox "Revelation"
V.A. "Ewigkeit I" (Horna, Raate, Obscure Anachronism…)
V.A. "Presumed Guilty" Misanthropy Comp.
V.A. "Bulgarian Assault"
V.A. "Feuersturm"
V.A. "The World comes to an End, In the End of A Journey"
V.A. "Depression and Hatred of 3 Years" Pest Prod. Compilation
Vitsaus "Jäti Wihassa ja Kumniassa"
Vulture Lord "Profane Prayer"
War for War "War Is The Only Way"
Winterblut "Teufelseintreibung" NEU
Wolfsschrei "Torture of a Human Soul"

Promo CDs:

Impaled Nazerene "Rapture"
Luca Turilli "The Ancient Forest of Elves"
Odhinn "The North Brigade"
Prime "Underneath the Surface"
Rajna "The Door of Serenity"
Shining of Kliffoth "Twilight of Sehemeah"
Solefald "Neonism"
Solefald "In Harmonia Universali"
The Agonist "Once Only Imaged"
Thy Serpent "Christcrusher"


Black Reign "Terror"
Cannibal Corpse "Bloodthirst"
Circle of Ouroborus "Shores"
Dissection "Storm of the Light´s Bane"
Elisabetha "Demeter"
Gestalte "Gestalte"
Gilgamesh "Dawning"
Gorgoroth "Destroyer/ Incipit Satan"
Graveland "Thousand Swords"
In Cold Blood (Raise Hell) "Nailed"
Kristallnacht "Creation Through Destruction"
Kristallnacht "Soldiers of the Triumphant Sun"
Kristallnacht "warspirit"
Lord "
Megadeth "Countdown tocExctinction"
Morbid Angel "Gateways to Annihilation"
Necroplasma/ Darkness "Pure Necrodarkness"
Nidhug "Skibet fra Nord"
Nihil Nocturne "Wahnsinn Tod Verrat"
Pyogenesis "Sweet X-rated Nothingness"
Root "Kärgeräs"
Scheitan "Bezerk 2000"
Scorpions "Crazy World"
Sepultura "Schizophrenia"
Sepultura "Arise"
Soulsearch "Abred vs Annwn"
Stormwitch "Eye of the Storm"
Therion "Ho Drakon Ho Megas"
Urfaust "Geist ist Teufel"
V.A. "Within the Abyss" German Underground BM
Varathron "The Lament of Gods"
VEGA "Alienforest"
Whispers in the Shadow "Schattendämmerung"


Abhorrot ""Rites of the Prehistoric Darkness" 7"
Acheron "Necromanteion Communion" Pic 7"
Agmen "Damnation"
Agony Conscience "Mass Demented" 7"
Assesor "Invaze"
Ancient "Det glemte riket" 7" bootleg
Anael/ Buried God "Split" 7"
Anael "Infernal devotion"
Anus Praeter "Eimer or Die" 7"
Audiopain/ Dead to this World "Split" 7"
Bestial Holocaust "Pacto con Satan" 7"
Bitterness "Marching Towards Infinity" 7"
Botulistium/ Domini Inferi "Split" 7"
Cephalic "Highest Increase of Brutality" 7"
Conqueror "War.Cult.Supremacy" red vinyl
Crowbar "Lifesblood for the Downtrodden"
Empyrium "Weiland" 7"
Evangelivm "Nightside of Eden"
Front Beast/ Staub "Split" 7"
Fulgor "Eyequinox" 7"
Guidance of Sin "acts" 7"
Grimthorn/ Uruk Hai "Split" 7"
Heresi "Psaml II"
Horned Serpent/ Prevalent Resitanve "Split"
Iron Maiden "Killers"
Katharsis "Kruzifixxion" 2nd press Noevdia
Legion "Awakened Fury" 7"
Loits "Legion Estland" 7"
Loits "Meeste Muusika" 7"
Lugubrum "De ette Cuecken"
Manilla Road "After Midnight" Splatter, incl Patch
Mordgrund "Gottlose Dunkelheit" 7"
Mortician "House by the Cemetary" 7" first press
Mortician "Zombie Apocalypse" 7" first press
Nachtmahr/ Elisabetha "Eine dunkle Symbiose…" Split 7"
Nihil Nocturne "Ill Stare" 10"
Nefarium "Avernus" 7"
Nunslaughter "Guts of Christ" 7" PIC
Nunslaughter "Guts of Christ" 7" black Vinyl
Old Pagan "Old Pagan" 7"
Perditor "In Signo Suo"
Rasthof Dachau "prison poems"
Red Hot Chili Peppers "By the Way" DoLP
Refractory "same" 7"
Skyforger "Thunderforge" Gatefold
The Catalyst "Swallow the Teeth"
Venom "Possessed" PicLP
Vulture Lord "Blasphemy" incl Poster and patch
Walhalla "War Over Nordland" 7"
Warspite "We are with God" 7"

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